20 Amazing Types of Wallets for Men You Have to Have


It’s a man’s world when it comes to wallets. Though a minimalistic accessory you can easily slip in your back pocket, wallets are valuable items to safely store your cash, ID documents, and credit cards, among others. Wallets come in different shapes, materials, and sizes. Nobody wants to hold cash around in the pocket or have his credit card slotted in the pocket just the way it is in the modern era.

The style is what you can’t take away from the modern designs. What is your ideal wallet like- slim, large or multiple folds? Whatever you decide for is never going to be out of the way because the majority of the wallets out there on the market have their own advantages. Your preference may be on functionality while for others, style, color, and material may make more sense.

The legendary leather wallets are still in town and are no pushovers when talking about quality wallets for men. What is the material that catches your attention?

A wallet is a brilliant idea. The little pocket-sized design gives people the convenience of taking along valuable items such as ID documents, credit cards, gift cards, cash, and other valuables all in one place without the feeling of having them around the body. They sit right there comfortably in your wallet. Men find keeping their wallets in the back pocket or have it placed in their breast pocket.

The various types of wallets available on the market these are cute and brilliantly crafted designs. Structure and aesthetics are two inseparable features when you talk of wallets for the men folks.

The Different Types

Not all wallets are designed the same. In fact, what makes them unique is the many innovative ways they are made. Many come simple but are stylish.

Others are amazingly finished with some sophistication in technology. If you’re thinking to have one of these minimal but vital accessories for a long use and add style to your dress sense, here are 20 amazing types of wallets for men that are worth spending on.

1. Bifold Wallet

Probably this is where the wallet journey all began from. The bifold wallet, as the name depicts, divides into two halves. This age-long design still remains as attractive as any type on the market.

Usually, the structure is a simple rectangular shape outlook that folds into two. The classic yet compact and stylishly finished bi-fold wallets usually have a pull strap attached to open the wallet. Slots are also made on each side of the halves. Your cash can be placed within the fold and your business or personal ID cards, credit card, and other small documents can find a slot to safely keep them.

The bi-fold wallet can be easily carried around in your back or side pocket owing to its slim nature. There are variations in styles, the material of design and slots of the wallet from which you can choose from based on your preference.

2. Trifold Wallets

It is just proper to have the trifold wallet come immediately after the bi-fold. Unlike the bi-fold wallet, the trifold comes in three folds or halves. If you’re thinking to upgrade from a bi-fold wallet design to accommodate more but maintain the similar classic style, the trifold wallet should come in best for your need. Though it takes much of the classical look of the bi-fold wallet, this design incorporates two flaps for the fold to make it unique and special.

The trifold wallet has an open pocket just like the bi-fold where you can find a place to safely keep your cash.

Many slots are in the design. Think of whatever you need to go along with all the time; the ID, credit cards, receipts and bills you often move around with. There is room for them all in the trifold wallet even though it’s compactly built. Check out some of the best trifold wallets of various styles and sizes to find one that fits well for you.

3. Travel Wallet

Just like it sounds, the travel wallet is uniquely designed for travelers’ convenience.

Have all of your travel documents go with you packed in a simple wallet. The travel wallet is specially designed to provide space for your boarding cards, passport, credit cards, driver’s license, cash, a pen slot, and other currencies. You’ll always find the travel wallet convenient to use.

It is designed with a snap magnet button closure that swiftly closes to ensure the safety of your materials. This wallet is what you’ll also like to call the passport wallet holder wallet or passport travel wallet as it is commonly referred to. Never again should you miss out any item if a travel wallet is close by.

4. Cardholder Wallet

There are those times in life when you have to deal with different types of cards at the same time. These can be security cards, room access cards, credit cards, and others. This is where the cardholder wallet comes in handy to help.

If you’re the businessman, the cardholder wallet is made to hold your business cards. Many men find the cardholder wallet which is designed slim and beautiful a reliable companion in their daily business activities.

For men who appreciate style but don’t want their wallet cluttered with things, the cardholder wallet is crafted to make it an easy one for you to get well-organized. This simple and slim-looking design helps to easily clear out all unwanted documents like receipts you don’t want around anymore.

5. Slim Wallet

The output says it all about the slim wallet. It is simply slim to fit your front pocket. Slide it into your back pocket and you won’t ever feel anything on you when you sit.

The slim wallet has sufficient space to hold your cash in a folded format and about eight of your cards can find a place if you have lots of them to move around with. They are designed with the best material available to prevent it from quickly wearing out. The wallet is also referred to as the minimalistic wallet to describe its form.

6. Checkbook Wallet

If frequently dealing with using checkbooks is part of your weekly routine, you should find the checkbook wallet your best storage assistance for your checkbook.

A checkbook wallet is worth all your time if you want a design that is unique. If you’re the traveler or often go on occasions, this vintage yet stylishly finished design is your best bet. Though the wallet has a checkbook attached to its name and originally designed with travelers in mind, today, it is a versatile wallet that has application to hold other valuable items.

The checkbook wallet will hold everything you want in there from cash, credit cards, passport and most importantly other currencies.

If you carry along the distinctly-sized Euro currency, you should be more comfortable with having the checkbook wallet to accommodate it all. Also known as the breast pocket, the checkbook wallet should be a good fit for people who often wear a suit jacket or go on a sportswear. You can comfortably slip it into your breast pocket owing to its flat design.

7. Coin Wallet

Coins still remains a significant part of many currencies all over the world.

Some countries like those in the EU are known for actively using coins as a major part of their currency in their daily transactions. A coin wallet is designed with them in mind to hold not only coins but other important valuables like cards.

To support any coin type, this wallet is much bulkier than other wallets mentioned earlier. The coin wallet is beautifully divided into compartments or slots which make it extremely easy to store your coins, cash, and cards. To get you adequately organized, a design with various slots will make things much better to handle.

8. Large Wallet

The large wallets are also known as the long wallets. Based on its design features, it comes with many internal compartments to hold your values.

Though large, it can comfortably go into the internal pocket of your jacket. It is specially crafted to hold various currency sizes. There is simply room for all when you have one of these collections for your valuable small items on the go.

9. Taxi Wallet

If you live the travel lifestyle or frequently go on a night out, the ideal wallet to have around for your small valuables is the taxi wallet. The wallet comes in a folded design and small enough to conveniently go in and fit rightly in your front pocket.

Taxi wallet is a minimal design that simplifies your style with spacious compartments for major items like credit cards, ID cards, coins, and bills. You’ll find an extra pocket attached in this design to hold other folded items like a check, and other currencies.

10. Wrist Wallet

If a wallet’s design can be more amazing, it should be the wrist wallet. Imaging having a wallet strapped around your wrist and not in the pocket instead, this is the special look that comes from the wrist wallet.

When you hit the road walking, jogging, hiking or simply going along in physical activities, the wrist wallet is a perfect design built to meet this purpose. From the name, it is meant to be carried on the wrist for convenience when exercising. It is suitable to store your ID, keys, cash, mp3 player and even your mobile phone when you’re actively engaged or on the go.

You don’t have to worry about your wallet slipping off because the wrist wallet easily adjusts and fits your wrist with the aid of its elastic loop. You may not find the wrist wallet sufficiently big enough for a passport because they are not so designed but they have you covered in safety from thieves.

11. Leg wallet

Yet another amazing design in the wallet atmosphere is the leg wallet.

Strange as it sounds, the leg wallet is an amazing wallet you can rely on for the small but valuable items you need to have around. Are you seeking a secure location for your items when outdoors? The leg wallet is the perfect answer to keeping your items safe though in an unconventional location without anyone knowing.

The unusual location provided by the leg wallet makes it unique to serve the secrecy purpose well in this wallet design. You ID, passport and cash can’t be safer when you have them in your leg wallet. This unique design is built so you wear it around your calf. Your vital documents are kept out of sight and so safe too.

To get you going well organized, this beautiful design comes with zippered pockets for passport and currencies. For this wallet, its straps stretch beneath the pants, around the lower leg. Travelers are singled out as one of the people who find the leg wallet a useful place to have their items kept away from pickpockets. No place can be more secure other than down there on the legs when your choice is a leg wallet.

12. Belt Wallet

Men generally hardly go without a belt on. A belt wallet should then be a welcomed idea, kudos to the innovativeness of the designers. Though a rare design, a belt wallet can be the best security you can ever have for your valuables when you use one.

Quite a strange one, you might say. Yes, a wallet in your belt is how to best describe the belt wallet.  No place can be more hidden from sight when your belt comes in as the wallet. It is nothing different from your regular wallet when it comes to storage yet it still serves the role of the traditional belt you usually have around the waist.

The addition is the secrecy that it brings for your safety. It is a design that has a secret zippered compartment for storing vital folded documents and cash. For men who love it in style and functionality, the belt wallet is a good choice to give you everything safety and secrecy while still looking fashionable.

13. Neck Wallet

If you’ve got the leg or wrist wallet, then the neck wallet will not be a bad one to add in your collection of amazing wallets. The neck wallet stays right in front of you because it is hung around the neck and clearly visible.

Travelers fall in the group of people for whom this design is made. There is sufficient provision to accommodate your regular materials such as credit cards, cash, and other currencies, among other little documents you’ll want around promptly.

Looking smart in your dress sense is enhanced with a neck wallet and if you want to make it a smart travel, getting a neck wallet should fit in the most. The whole concept about a neck wallet circles around safety and convenience without failing in style. People also call it neck pouches. To get the best out of it on security, wear it around the neck much like a gun holster with a strap under an arm.

14. Money Clip Wallet

Money clip wallet is a slim-styled design you’ll love having as a wallet to store your cash, to organize your valuable bills and ID cards. Taking out your money from the metal money-clip is not a difficult one. It offers you the ability to adjust the elastic spring to thin or thick forms to meet your preference. You just need to rotate the clip to get the fit you desire. You can get it slimmer just the way you want it.

A special inclusion to the money-clip wallet is a hybrid design that is often referred to as the front pocket wallet or the money-clip with some pockets.

This money-clip wallet is built to be conveniently kept in either the front or back pocket as you’re comfortable with. It also comes with the needed compartments for your money and cards. The edge it has over the main money-clip design is the convenience of use that is enhanced by its few compartments which are enough to hold your cash and other precious valuables.

15. Shoe wallet

It is quite interesting to find your shoe having the ability to perform dual roles of serving to protect your feet from harm and as well to keep your valuable items safe. This is purely an innovative design for sure.

Shoe wallet lets you store your valuable items right there on your feet. Who said keeping vital valuables safe while in the gym, walking and running isn’t possible?

A shoe wallet is an ideal approach to keeping your keys from clattering all around you if kept in a shoe wallet. A shoe wallet comes with a loop that is tied around the lace. This is clearly visible on the top of the shoe.

16. RFID Wallet

Technology plays a role in virtually every segment of our world today and wallet design is not left out.

Wallet designers are proactive in their design patterns by using the RFID (Radio, Frequency Identification) as a good way to start. The RFID wallet is one born out of sheer concern for credit card owners’ peace of mind as they go about their daily routines with their credit cards slotted in their wallet. This type of credit card is getting popular by the day with chips-based credit cards on the increase.

The RFID wallet is designed with security and safety in mind against debit and credit card thieves. It is equipped with a unique and functional lining which protects the RFID chip that your credit card works with to carry out transactions.

The lining blocks unsolicited scans of RFID including BLE and NFC. RFID scanning devices are readily available in various online sources which prospective credit thieves take advantage of to help their criminal acts.

For the safety of your personal information through your credit cards, you can rest assured of having a peaceful storage with the RFID wallet. Whatever the controversy that is out there about the effectiveness of this type of wallet, one thing is clear, they are amazing and worth a try for the safety of your chip-based cards.

17. Zipper Wallet

The use of a zip has long been with us for dresses and bags and the use on wallets should not be a strange one.

The zipper wallet is a beautiful design that helps you keep all of the valuables closed inside so you don’t lose any. The zipper wallet is equipped with a zip closure and also comes with a leather-trimmed pull. This amazing wallet is compact, stylishly designed to create space for your regularly used items such as the credit cards and other little-sized items. Your cash has a place in the inner pocket because it is fully-functional to hold them intact. The compact-sized wallet is also called wallet with zip pocket.

The zipper wallet comes in a variety of patterns such as stripes, floral, and others. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

18. ID card Wallet

Much like the cardholder wallet in functionality, the ID card wallet is specifically made for identification cards.

Particularly designed for your ID cards, the ID card wallet comes in handy to give you convenience in how you keep your ID card safe and protected. The ID card wallet lets you have a closer touch with your ID documents anytime you need to use one. It is designed with compartments for your cash, cards and more importantly, an ID window to serve its main design purpose. If your ID card is a priority need for daily use especially at the workplace, the ID card wallet is your best bet to fill the gap.

19. Waterproof Wallet

Water can be your good friend if you make the best friend out of it for your everyday needs. But it’s not so friendly with your valuables when you’re in it during rainfall or in the pool area.

Waterproof wallets are designed to give your credit card, cash, ID documents, and other valuable items the needed protection when you find yourself where water rules. These wallets are made of special anti-corrosive and synthetic fabrics that protect from moisture.

If you’re always on the adventure outdoors in the natural environment, a waterproof wallet is a companion to have around to remain safe in the wallet area. They come in various sizes, colors, and shapes that give you convenience when using the wallet for your everyday needs. Other wallets like it that are designed with the weather in mind are the aluminum wallets.

20. Magic Wallets

The magic wallet is a unique design with great functionality. What gives the magical touch to this design is the innovative and strong leather strap that holds your cash in a rare fashion. The straps are designed to give a different approach to how your money gets into the wallet. This is how it works.

Put your cash, receipts or business cards inside through one of the two sides. When you close and later open from the other end, the notes will be securely held in place by the leather strap. That means you can open this wallet from both sides. The two horizontal straps do the trick in this type of design.

Though one of its design features is to be in the slim range, the wallet can conveniently hold about ten cards without losing its slimness. You can fix in four cards in the front sleeves, two at the sleeves inside, four at the sleeves on the backside. Pull tabs are attached on the outside slot to easily pull to remove your cards in a seamless way anytime you want to.

Determining the Wallet Meant For You

The type of wallet you go for in the above designs should reflect some extent what you need the wallet for the most. Generally, people want their cash kept in their wallet and in the back pocket. This is why many wallets are so designed to easily fit into the pocket.

It is different strokes for different people. If your credit card is the special one and you’ll want to give it more attention, a credit card wallet should be your go-to wallet.

If you spend coins a lot in your region, you’ll want to have a wallet that gives you that privilege going for the coin wallet will serve that purpose. A design tailored basically for cash can be your fancy. The money clip is a great option for that among others in the category. Your checkbook also has its name attached to the wallet and that can be your best choice for a wallet type.

When deciding on a type of wallet to buy, considering the material of design can also be a good way to find the best wallet for you. Leather seems to have taken the shine off other wallets on the market but it isn’t the only good one out there. You have nice-looking nylon wallets, durable stainless steel wallets, waterproof wallets, and very light aluminum wallets all challenging to take the top spot in the wallet arena.

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