8 Tips on Selecting the Right Men’s Wallet to Buy

Selecting the Right Men's Wallet

A lot of people nowadays underestimate the power of the wallet. A real man needs a good wallet that will not only hold his cash and cards but serve as a fashion statement. For this reason, it is imperative that you invest your time, effort and money in getting the best wallet for you.

With the many designs, makes and styles are available in the market today, choosing the right wallet can be somehow confusing. To help you pick the right men’s wallet to buy here are eight important tips:

1. Select the Right Size

Men’s wallets come in different sizes. Some are large some are quite small. And there is a very good reason for this. Not all men are the same.  This makes the production of a wide range of sizes the right decision for manufacturers in order to attend to the needs of different men across the world. 

A lot of men make the mistake of buying a larger wallet just because they think they have many things to carry in it. The truth is a fat wallet makes you look ugly. In addition, an oversized wallet will not fit into the pockets of your trousers or may bulge in them making you look shabby and unfashionable. 

The best way to find the right size of a men’s wallet to buy is to start by establishing your wallet needs. Make an inventory of all the items you will want to carry in your wallet.  Revisit your list and remove items you don’t use regularly such as gift cards or some debit cards because you don’t have to carry them everywhere you go.

This will help remain with the items that really matter and thus be able to find the right wallet that can accommodate the items.

You should then consider your fashion style. Which type of trousers do you love? What type and pocket size do they have? The truth is you need a wallet that can fit in your pockets. Once you know your pocket size you can now go ahead a purchase the size that will fit your needs and fashion perfectly well.

2. Choose the Right Materials

Materials used to make a wallet play an important role in the suitability of a man’s wallet. A lot of men buy leather wallets because they assume that is the only materials that wallets are made from.

The fact is for every design of a wallet you have more than one material to choose from.  This gives you a lot of variety of men’s wallets to choose from so that you can always have something that truly speaks of who you are.

For most men doing white collar jobs, leather may seem to be their natural choice for wallet materials. However, if you do blue collar jobs, then you may want to consider other options especially if you work in a damp environment.

Canvas materials that are damp proof can come in handy in such situations there are other materials such as polyester and cotton that can also come in hand in other situations also. All you have to do is find the right materials for a wallet that best suits your needs.

3. Consider Durability

Investing in a wallet for a real man is always a long-term investment. As a man, the last thing you want is to be caught shopping for a wallet every few months. You want a wallet you can have for the next three to five years.  This means you need to carefully consider every wallet you touch to ensure that is meant to last.

When considering durability for a wallet there are three things you need to consider:

  • the material used to make the wallet
  • the workmanship on the wallet
  • the price

Some materials such as most polyester and canvas used to make men’s wallets are not designed to last long and thus if you buy a wallet made from such materials you will be out shopping for a new wallet in a matter of months.

However, some leather materials such as cowhide leather produce quality wallets and can last for many years.

Workmanship is also another quality of a wallet you should analyze when seeking a durable wallet. Some wallets are designed and put together haphazardly and this can really affect their durability even if they are made from high-quality materials.

Check how a wallet was put together and see if you can find some loose ends. If the workmanship reflects quality then the wallet is durable.

Lastly, check the price. Often high-quality wallets cost more than ordinary wallets. This should not deceive you because in some places wallets will cost more than others even if they are exactly the same. However, quality and durable wallets will cost more than cheap ones. So, plan to spend more to get a quality wallet.

4. Get the Right Color

The color of your wallet is an important factor in choosing the right wallet. Imagine you work in an office where the dress code is official wear. Now imagine you have a wallet that is yellow in color. What do you think your co-workers will say when they see you flashing a yellow wallet when you are in a black suit? They will make fun of you of course. Some may even spit at your poor sense of fashion.

You need to consider your general fashion style when choosing a wallet. If you wear casually most of the time then choosing bright colors that match your favorite wardrobe colors is the best option you have. It is important that you find a color that matches the color that you put on most of the time.

If you spend most of your time at the office, then you will want to go for conservative colors that will match your official wears.  Sometimes you may choose to have more than one wallet. In such case, you should choose different colors for different events so that you always have the right color wallet for a given event.

5. Select the Right Compartments

Different men have different items to carry in their wallets. Some men prefer to carry more cash while others may prefer to have two or three debit or credit cards or both at all times in their wallets. Yet some others have to carry a few coins from time to time. All these are important factors when choosing the right wallet compartments to go for.

If you carry different items around such as bills, different cards, and coins then you will want to go for a wallet with many compartments so that you can easily arrange the different items you carry around in their own pockets.

For example, you will want to have a slot for your currency notes, another one for your debit card and yet another one for your credit cards.  This will make it easy to reach out and get whatever you want from your wallet easily. It also helps protect your cards from damage by constantly moving them around when trying to get something from your wallet.

If you are a computer geek, then you will want to have a wallet with slots where you can put your memory cards or SIM cards. You may also find such slots quite useful for carrying some other tiny items that can easily get lost. If you run a small retail business then such slots may come in handy for carrying coins.

6. Choose the Right Design

How does your wallet look? Is it fancy with some exotic design or is it a simple plain design? Wallet design says a lot about you.  For this reason, you would want to go for a design that truly tells who you are.

You need to get a wallet that personifies the inner you.  The design here covers aspect such as the shape of the wallet, the artwork on the wallet and the color shades used on the wallet. This means you have to be very careful to find the best men’s wallet for you.

If you are an artist, the best wallet design will be a fancy design featuring some unique designs. This will tell people who see you with your wallet about you and your profession.

However, if you have chosen a more conservative career path, let’s say you are a teacher or you work in a bank, the perfect wallet design for you will be something more plain and simple. While the design may vary it is important that you pick a design that best represents who you are. If you have more than one wallet you may decide to experiment with a number of different wallet designs. This is perfect as you will choose a different wallet for different occasions.

7. Type of Wallet

Men’s wallets are of different types. One of the most common wallet types for men is the billfold wallet. This American style wallet has large compartments and does not fold too much. This makes it quite easy for you to carry relative large and sensitive items such as bank notes and other documents without folding them. Its size makes it look thinner and sleeker and thus perfect for carrying in your suit pockets.

If you move around a lot or you want to carry many different things in your wallet then you should consider a travelers wallet.

Usually, this type of wallet has many compartments for carrying different items. It has compartments for carrying different credit cards, your passport, cash, and SIM cards. These make your traveling a lot easier as you can carry many items safely around without worrying about damaging any of them. However, if love having a thinner wallet with fewer items inside then a billfold wallet will be far better than a travelers wallet which at times by look bully and unpreventable.

Another better alternative to a travel wallet is the trifold wallet. It has many components and folds nicely to fit in smaller pockets. However, it is important to consider the place of manufacture for this type of men’s wallet because it may not fit the banknote and bills of your country. It is important to have the right size of a wallet at all time. Therefore when considering the type of a wallet you should also consider the country or origin, units of measurement used in its manufacture and the actual size of the wallet. This will help you get a better wallet,

8. RFID Blocking Technology

Most men carry bank cards in their wallets. This presents another form of risk where criminals may steal your bank information without touching your wallet. Using advanced technology thieves can read and steal information on your debit and credit cards while they are in your wallet in your pocket.

If you live in a large city where such form of theft is likely to take place you may consider going for wallets with the RFID blocking technology feature.

These wallets are designed to stop the theft of data by blocking the technology used to read data.  If you have a significant amount of money in your bank, you live in a city with advanced technology and crime level or you are a notable figure then you should invest in this kind of a wallet. However, such wallets cost a little bit more and may not be ideal if you live in a rural area and travel a lot or if you just want something cheap.

Bottom Line

Above are eight tips for selecting the right wallet to buy. There are a lot of other things you may want to consider when selecting the right men’s wallet to buy such as the price, the brand and even the country of origin.

There are many reasons you may consider such factors. The most important thing is that you should select a wallet that meets your need, is fashionable, durable and has the right style.

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