Best Military Wallets for Men (2020)

Military wallets have always been a popular style of wallets, regardless of whether you’re in the armed forces or not.

Military wallets combine functionality with edgy fashion. They show personality and have a particular executive feel.

However, due to the popularity of military wallets, there are so many out there. It can be confusing trying to figure out which one suits you perfectly, and that’s where we come in.

We have taken the plunge into the world of military wallets to figure out the best on offer.

Check out our list of the top five best military wallets for men below.


USA US American Flag Tactical Patriotic Military Trifold Wallet Money Holder (Coyote)
Spec-Ops Brand (100070211) T.H.E. Wallet J.R. (Coyote Brown)
Tri-fold ACU Army/Navy Camouflage Wallet Commando (Pack of 1)
Ariat Unisex-Adult's Patriot Digital Camo Bifold Wallet, brown
Timberland PRO Men's Cordura Nylon RFID Trifold Wallet with ID Window, olive, One Size
USA US American Flag Tactical Patriotic Military Trifold Wallet Money Holder (Coyote)
Spec-Ops Brand (100070211) T.H.E. Wallet J.R. (Coyote Brown)
Tri-fold ACU Army/Navy Camouflage Wallet Commando (Pack of 1)
Ariat Unisex-Adult's Patriot Digital Camo Bifold Wallet, brown
Timberland PRO Men's Cordura Nylon RFID Trifold Wallet with ID Window, olive, One Size
USA US American Flag Tactical Patriotic Military Trifold Wallet Money Holder (Coyote)
USA US American Flag Tactical Patriotic Military Trifold Wallet Money Holder (Coyote)
Spec-Ops Brand (100070211) T.H.E. Wallet J.R. (Coyote Brown)
Spec-Ops Brand (100070211) T.H.E. Wallet J.R. (Coyote Brown)
Tri-fold ACU Army/Navy Camouflage Wallet Commando (Pack of 1)
Tri-fold ACU Army/Navy Camouflage Wallet Commando (Pack of 1)
Ariat Unisex-Adult's Patriot Digital Camo Bifold Wallet, brown
Ariat Unisex-Adult's Patriot Digital Camo Bifold Wallet, brown
Timberland PRO Men's Cordura Nylon RFID Trifold Wallet with ID Window, olive, One Size
Timberland PRO Men's Cordura Nylon RFID Trifold Wallet with ID Window, olive, One Size

Features to Consider when Buying a Military Wallet

There are several factors you need to consider before purchasing the perfect wallet for you.

Depending on what you desire, the features you will be focusing mainly on will differ, but any wallet you choose should always have a high-quality design and have the functions you need.

When you’re looking to purchase a military wallet, make sure you
consider all of these features.


When it comes to perfect military design, we aren’t just talking about khaki colors and useful features.

The wallet you choose needs to be designed to a high standard and show your personality within its style.

The materials mainly used in military wallets are durable textiles because they need to stay in good shape for a long time and be able to cope with all conditions.

The majority will be made from Cordura Nylon or Polyester. These materials are strong and have strength against abrasion and tears. These wallets should experience a lot of wear and tear and should stay in perfect condition.

Obviously, camouflage or dark green colors are natural designs for a military wallet.

Although recently, more modern military-style wallets have been created and are made from various types of carbon and metals.

These wallets have a serious style to them, and they might just be more durable than the original nylon wallets.


Regardless of the type of material used, it should be of good quality. As mentioned above, a military wallet needs to sustain changes in the environment, wear and tear and lots of usages.

It’s important to make sure that whatever the material used is, it’s going to last. If it’s a cheaper material, stay away from it.

You don’t want to purchase your perfect design wallet to have it fall apart in a few weeks.


Within the military, they are less concerned with the designs of their wallets and more concerned with the functionality of them.

You need to only ever purchase a wallet that is going to be used by you, every day. So, do you carry cash or cards? Figure out what functions you are going to need before you start browsing.

Once you have put together a list of your requirements, you can then look and choose the right military wallet for you.

RFID Protection

RFID protection is important, especially now the majority of cards are contactless. This is what protects your card from getting scanned by an RFID scanner, which allows people to ultimately access your personal data.

If a wallet doesn’t contain an RFID lining, you might end up having your bank cards hacked if you’re unlucky.

However, a lot of the military wallets will not be equipped with RFID protection as they could possibly be older designs or quite simply, RFID protection has been compromised to focus on functionality or design.

It’s not the end of the world if you choose a wallet without RFID protection, and it’s completely up to you how secure or insecure it would make you feel.

Now you know what you should be focusing on, we are going to take a look at the top five military wallets, and why we think each one of them should make our shortlist.

Rapdom USA Flag Military Wallet

USA US American Flag Tactical Patriotic Military Trifold Wallet Money Holder (Coyote)
359 Reviews
USA US American Flag Tactical Patriotic Military Trifold Wallet Money Holder (Coyote)
  • Over all Dimensions: Closed: 4.75" x 3.5" x .75" - Open: 11" x 4.75" x .30"
  • 6.6 Cordura Nylon 1000D
  • 18 Compartments / Pockets
  • Non-Stick ID Window - Zippered Pocket
  • Media Card Storage - Velcro Cover Flap

This USA flag military wallet is produced by Rapdom. Rapdom is a brand that specializes in military wallets, as well as other military accessories and memorabilia.

They focus mainly on patriotic accessories, so if you are looking for a classic USA military wallet, this could be a good choice for you.

Rapdon offers a lifetime warranty on this product, so you don’t need to worry if something doesn’t go expectantly with your new wallet.


The design on this wallet is fairly classic when we think of what a military wallet should look like.

It’s a heavy-looking wallet, and although it has many different designs and color options, they are khaki colors or darker colors.

The wallet is available in black, camo, khaki, woodland camo and olive. We would suggest going for a khaki or camouflage color.

Of course, the most beloved design feature on this wallet is the American Flag right in the center, on the front of the wallet.

The wallet is made from Cordura Nylon 1000D, which is a highly resilient material, so it’s perfect if you think your wallet will see a lot of wear and tear during its lifetime.


This wallet is of a trifold design, meaning there is a lot of room for functions.

The wallet features eighteen compartments that have everything you could ever need from a wallet.

There are zipped compartments, three elastic compartments, a transparent ID/photograph window, a carabiner loop, and a multi-currency compartment.

This wallet really does seem to cater to every person’s needs.

The wallet isn’t RFID protected, this isn’t necessary but it’s a personal preference. If you would prefer to be fully protected against RFID hacking, this probably isn’t the ideal wallet for you.

This wallet has:
● 18 Compartments
● 3 Zipped compartments
● 3 Elastic compartments
● 1 Transparent ID/photograph window
● 1 Carabiner loop
● 1 Multi-currency compartment
● Brand: Rapdom
● Material: Cordura Nylon 1000D
● Size: 11.4 x 8.9 x 1.9

● Choice of classic military designs and colors.
● Eighteen compartments.
● Perfect storage for both cash and card users.
● A Transparent ID/photograph window.
● Three Elastic compartments.

● No RFID protection.

Spec.-Ops. Brand T.H.E. Wallet J.R.

Spec-Ops Brand (100070211) T.H.E. Wallet J.R. (Coyote Brown)
159 Reviews
Spec-Ops Brand (100070211) T.H.E. Wallet J.R. (Coyote Brown)
  • 2 carrying options; pockets, or can be worn around the neck
  • 4 credit card slots (will hold up to 2 cards per slot)
  • Divided, full-length compartment for cash, receipts, etc. (Can be zipped closed to form a hidden pocket.)
  • Inside and outside non-glare ID windows
  • Zippered, challenge-coin/spare change pocket

Spec.- Ops brand design and produce a range of military accessories, including this stylish and traditional wallet that’s a must-have if you want to show a military look to the

Their products are made in the USA, and they have a lifetime guarantee on all their products.

This can lead us to believe that their military wallets made from 1000 D. Cordura fabric and Nylon Pack-cloth will be robust and last a lifetime.


The design of this wallet is a classic military design – it’s a bifold wallet made from a resilient material.

The materials 1000 D. Cordura fabric and Nylon Pack-cloth were used in the production of this wallet, and it’s double stitched at places of stress.

Militarywallets need to be able to survive through even the worst wear and tear, and this wallet definitely will.

This wallet can be purchased in three colors – black, coyote brown and multi-camouflage.

We prefer the coyote brown color because it still shows military design but will also be easier to fit in with more executive outfits, whereas camouflage possibly won’t.

The wallet closes perfectly and doesn’t look too bulky like other military wallets can do.

The finish of the wallet is high quality – the stitching is clearly of an expert hand, the layout of the wallet has been clearly been thought about extensively and features such as the tab to open the wallet when closed is an added feature.


This bi-folding wallet creates a spacious housing for several different functions, that will fit with your needs, regardless of whether you carry cash or cards.

There are four card slots, and each slot can fit up to two cards. There’s a divided, full-length compartment for your cash and receipts.

If you don’t want this as a compartment but rather as a pocket, you can close the zip and miraculously this turns into a hidden pocket.

There are a zipped coin pocket and a large transparent ID/photograph window on the back of the wallet.

This wallet has all the functions that someone in the military could ever need.

The transparent window on the back is a great design because it’s large in size. You could even fit multiple photos in there if you wanted to.

Unfortunately, the only downside of this wallet is the fact that it doesn’t have any RFID protection.

This wallet has:
● 4 Card slots able to fit up to eight cards in total.
● 1 Full-length compartment that can be zipped to create a hidden pocket.
● 1 Coin pocket.
● 1 Large transparent ID/photograph window
● Brand: Spec.- Ops.
● Material: 1000 D. Cordura fabric and Nylon Pack-cloth
● Size: 10 x 10 cm

● Durable 1000 D. Cordura fabric and Nylon Pack-cloth material that’s reinforced on stress points.
● Large transparent ID/photograph window.
● Coin pocket.
● Choice of colors.
● Top-quality design.

● No RFID protection.

ProEquip Tri-fold Camouflage Wallet

Tri-fold ACU Army/Navy Camouflage Wallet Commando (Pack of 1)
60 Reviews
Tri-fold ACU Army/Navy Camouflage Wallet Commando (Pack of 1)
  • FEATURES: Exterior clear ID holder, multiple inner credit card holders, money pocket w/ closure. Bifold wallet with clear vinyl outside ID window.
  • SIZE: 9-3/4" x 4-3/4 (Open) 3-1/4 x 4-3/4" x 3/4"(Closed) Imprint Area: 2" x 2- 1/2"
  • MATERIAL: 600D Polyester WEIGHT: 3 OZ (WAL-1031) Color: Digital Gray Camouflage
  • Quality tested and ensured for maximum durability Designed with only the toughest, roughest users in mind Comfort and Performance come hand in hand...
  • Great for gifts, birthday, holiday gifts,

Although not specifically military-style designers, Proequip creates good quality bags, wallets, and various other accessories.

They are less focused on the design and more focused on the functionality of their products, and this wallet seems to be no exception.

This product can either be bought by itself or in a pack of three or twelve. This is slightly unusual, but we assume they are supplying larger re-sellers of their product.

However, if you wanted to get a pack of three then you could always gift someone else with this wallet too.


The design of this wallet isn’t the most thrilling one. It’s still a good-looking wallet, but it just doesn’t have the wow factor that the other wallets have.

However, the wallet is made from 600D Polyester and therefore will be durable and able to withstand someone with a rough hand going to give it lots of wear and tear.

The trifold design of the wallet means it’s very spacious and easy to choose what you want to take out of your wallet.

You don’t need to waste time trying to find something or pull it out like you would with a wallet smaller and more closed.

The wallet is only available in grey camouflage, which is a digital print. It would have been nice to see this wallet in a bigger variety of colors and styles, but the grey is still a good color to fit with different outfits and in different settings.


The functionality of the wallet is where the quality shows. As mentioned above, the wallet is a trifold design, creating a lot of space for features.

Within this wallet there are eight spaces for storage of cards – there are six slots and two cards can fit in the pocket within the large money pocket that features.

There are also three transparent ID/photograph windows within the wallet, so you can put as many photos of your loved ones in there as you would like.

This wallet has no RFID protection.

This wallet has:
● 8 Spaces for storage of cards.
● 1 Large money pocket.
● 3 Transparent ID/photograph windows
● Brand: Proequip
● Material: 600D Polyester
● Size: 14 x 1.3 x 10.4 cm

● Large, spacious wallet.
● Storage for up to eight cards.
● Three ID/photograph windows.
● Although it’s bigger than the average wallet, it stays slim when closed.

● No choice of colors or designs.
● No coin pocket.
● Not RFID protected.

Ariat Men’s Sport Patriot Bifold Wallet

Ariat Unisex-Adult's Patriot Digital Camo Bifold Wallet, brown
63 Reviews
Ariat Unisex-Adult's Patriot Digital Camo Bifold Wallet, brown
  • Embroidered flag
  • 100 percent genuine leather
  • Clear interior id slot
  • Bi-fold wallet

Ariat is a designer brand that’s especially well known for their military-style accessories.

All of their products are of remarkable quality and they are famous for their designs.

Thiswallet they have created in particular has an exceptional design to it, but it’s also functional and will provide every feature you need.


This is, without doubt, the best looking military wallet that we have reviewed within this list. Made from top-grain leather, the finish to the wallet is sleek and professional.

The stitching is done to perfection, and the embroidered USA flag and Ariat logo add a level of class to the wallet.

As soon as someone takes even a quick glance at this wallet, they will know it’s taken care of and precision to create.

The sandy brown color of the wallet is a great color to go with any outfit, but it might have been nice to see an option of colors.

However, as the wallet is made from leather, it might not be as durable as those made with Nylon.

Even though leather is still one of the most durable materials, it might not have the same life span as other wallets.


The wallet features six card slots, a cash compartment, a removable and transparent ID/photograph window, as well as a transparent ID/photograph window that isn’t removable.

The wallet isn’t the most functional in comparison to other wallets on this list, but it still features everything you might need, especially if you only carry cards.

The only thing missing is the RFID protective lining.

This wallet has:
● 6 Card slots
● 1 Cash compartment
● 1 Removable and transparent ID/photograph window
● 1 Transparent ID/photograph window
● Brand: Ariat
● Material: Top-grain leather
● Size: 11.4 x 3.8 x 9 cm

● Stylish design with beautifully stitched embroidery.
● Six Card slots.
● Both a normal ID/photograph window and a removable one.

● No RFID protection.
● Leather might not be as durable in the long term

Timberland PRO Men’s Cordura Nylon RFID Trifold Wallet with ID Window

Timberland PRO Men's Cordura Nylon RFID Trifold Wallet with ID Window, olive, One Size
640 Reviews
Timberland PRO Men's Cordura Nylon RFID Trifold Wallet with ID Window, olive, One Size
  • MAXIMUM STORAGE 13 CARD POCKETS – Each Timberland Pro Mens Cordura wallet has 13 credit card pockets, 1 clear ID window, 1 large cash billfold...
  • RFID BLOCKING SECURITY - Equipped with advanced RFID Blocking Technology, engineered specifically to block RFID signals & electronic pick pocketing...
  • TRIFOLD MENS WALLET WITH GIFT BOX – With a secure hook and loop closure your personal items will stay safe and secured in your Timberland Pro...
  • PERFECT NON LEATHER WALLET FOR ALL AGES – With a classic design and look, this mens nylon trifold wallet is perfect for all ages and can be used as...
  • TIMBERLAND QUALITY & DESIGN – This sporty by fashionable mens nylon wallet has the Timberland Pro logo embroidered on the front and is made with the...

Just like the Ariat wallet, Timberland is a highly respected designer brand.

Timberland produces a variety of products but mainly focuses on accessories like shoes, bags, and wallets.

Neither the design or functionality is compromised on this wallet.

This is also a perfect gift because the wallet is shipped in a Timberland Pro tin gift box.


The design is sleek, looks of a high-quality and definitely has a military feel even though there isn’t a spot of camouflage insight.

The wallet has a trifold design, providing space for all the functions.

However, the design hasn’t been pushed aside – the stitching is expertly done, the layout of where the cards and cash will be stored is sensible and there’s even an orange backing to the inside large slip pocket to add something a little different.

The Timberland logo is embroidered on the front and the wallet is available in a variety of colors – black, navy or olive.

This wallet is made from Cordura Nylon and will, therefore, have excellent durability and shouldn’t wear or fade.


This military wallet has thirteen card slots, one transparent ID/photograph window, one large slip pocket for cash, and it even has RFID blocking technology within the wallet

Unfortunately, there isn’t a coin pocket.

This wallet has:
● 13 Card slots
● 1 Transparent ID/photograph window
● 1 Large Slip Pocket
● Brand: Timberland
● Material: Cordura Nylon
● Size: 10.8 x 9cm

● Both design and functionality are of high quality.
● Thirteen card slots.
● Stylish Trifold design.
● Colour options.
● RFID protection.

● No coin pocket.

Our Top Pick

Our favorite military wallet for men has to be the Rapdom USA Flag wallet, due to its classic military design and the incredible amount of functions it has.

The Timberland wallet came close to being our top pick, but it didn’t feature a coin pocket and both cash and cardholders should be able to use the wallet perfectly.