How Much Men’s Wallets Cost?

How much men’s wallets cost

Wallets are a man’s best companion, but it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s the best price and how much a wallet should cost.

With a bountiful range of wallets available on the market, assessing the right price is often tricky. The number is influenced by the wallet’s design, craftsmanship, and a number of other variables that can make or break the deal.

Quality wallets must come with distinctive features like credit and debit card security, adequate pockets for small essentials, and a number of other things including durability and resistance.

In the end, most men will not mind so much about the make and the design, but will often evaluate the purpose and the abilities of the wallet.

Before we dwell so much about a good men’s wallet, it is imperative to understand how much men’s wallets cost. We made a selection of a cheap wallet, mid rage wallet, and expensive wallet. As we expected, the prices vary widely depending on several factors such as the material involved or the craftsmanship of the wallet.

Types of Materials

In most cases, low-end wallets are made of a material like leather commonly known as a synthetic fiber which looks like leather but upon further scrutiny, you will realize that it is not the real deal.

On the other hand, we have the men’s wallets that are made of pure leather with several pockets. You can expect these to last for quite some time but they are expensive.

Yet, there are a number of reasons why you have to buy a good quality wallet for yourself, one of the major reasons why you have to be sensitive on quality, is because the wallet will last longer and you are guaranteed of the safety of the small items that fit into the wallets. Quality does not mean a good looking or an attractive wallet; it means a wallet that can protect your documents and details of your cards from theft.

Important Things To Look For

Have you ever known that thieves are becoming smarter day in day out? Yes, they are, some of them have gone a notch higher in the art of stealing and have devised ways on how to steal from the unsuspecting general public.

Some of the wallets on the market are not made to protect you from electronic pickpocketing, but with cards and IDs bearing the RFID technology, thieves can retrieve important information and you could lose your money is a sinister manner. In other words, wallets made to protect you from the technological thieves, in general, are the way to go.

How Much Do Men’s Wallets Cost?

As mentioned, the prices will solely depend on the type of wallet.

How Much Does A Cheap Wallet Cost?

Our cheap wallet is a soft canvas wallet which appealed to us due to its slim profile. This Velcro wallet we’ve chosen is very easy to carry in the pocket and can hold up to ten cards. The canvas construction makes it possible for one to sit on it comfortably, but it’s not exactly renowned for its durability. A classic trifold, this wallet also lacks the RFID protection but it comes at a very affordable price. Depending on the color, it costs from $8 to $10, a more than fair price.

At the moment, this could be the cheapest wallet on the market.

How Much Does A Mid-Range Wallet Cost?

Scouring the market we’ve seen several designs of wallets that are middle priced. These wallets do last longer than our low-level pick and cost between $15 to $20; they are made to carry several personal items including receipts and folded to small documents, and they are typically made of genuine leather.

Many of those we’ve checked are trifold, so they can compare with the cheap wallet above, but they look larger and some of them are protective of radio frequency identifier (RFID).

How Much Does A High-End Wallet Cost?

High-end wallets employ the highest quality of materials, are durable and resistant, but come at often prohibitive prices. Unless you’re investing in a wallet to keep for the years to come, their cost could be hard to justify.

Notorious brands also use to sell their wallets at higher prices even if the quality is often lower or comparable with the quality of a cheaper accessory.

Nonetheless, in broad terms, you can expect to pay around $30 or above for a high-end accessory.

Bottom Line

Assessing the value of a wallet often goes beyond a price point. You can pay $10 on a sleek and stylish accessory made of high-quality materials but by a brand, no one heard of, or over $30 for a stiffer wallet made of genuine or faux leather but made by a renowned brand.

In the end, as much as we care about brands, we do believe that sometimes it pays supporting small business and family industries, as they can deliver higher quality and better-priced products. And as far as the cost of your wallet is concerned, our advice is to invest in the model you like best that comes at a decent quality.

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