What To Do When Your Wallet Is Stolen?

What to do when your wallet is stolen

We all take our wallets for granted. They are filled with our many bank cards or credit cards as well as keys, money, membership cards anything else that we plan to keep safe until the end of time.

We then slip our wallet into our back pocket, our bags or the inside of our jackets and assume that all is well with the world when in actual fact, that is not always the case. When you consider the size of a wallet and the fact that we are so used to having them with us, you can understand that they are easy to lose, even when we put them in a pocket that is close to our skin.

So, when you go to retrieve your wallet with every expectation that it will be exactly where you left it, the dread you feel when you realize it has gone leaves you completely shaken up. After a split second, the realization sets in that your whole life is inside that wallet and that someone might have or it will simply never be seen again. When this point arrives, you need to understand how to react because that will ensure that you reduce the risk of any further problems.

Damage limitation

When you lose your wallet, there is every chance that you have lost the whole of your life to some extent. In your wallet, you might have had debit cards, credit cards, reward cards that contain a significant amount of rewards, membership cards as well as many other items.

When these items disappear for good it almost means that your life is put on hold. You can no longer go out spending because your bank cards have gone, you cannot use your credit cards because they have gone and you might not be able to access certain services without your membership card. Ultimately, losing your wallet can cause your all sorts of problems and sorting them out can take a lot of time.

So, at this point and once you know that your wallet has gone for good, it is time to carry out a damage limitation exercise. It might sound extreme but it is certainly a worthy thing to do because you can significantly reduce the problems you could face.

Therefore, you need to think about your bank accounts and the debit cards you owned and then work through them, calling each one by one. This is going to take time but doing this will enable you to suspend the cards and prevent anyone who finds your wallet from spending your money.

You should then begin to do the same for your credit cards. It is probably better to call your credit card company after your bank because should anyone use your credit card fraudulently, you are protected and it is easier for credit card companies to retrieve any cash spent. In contrast to this, if your debit card is used fraudulently, then trying to prove it was not you that spent the money can prove difficult.

Now you need to think about any other potential security risks that might be in your wallet. House keys are a common item contained in wallets and that can prove to be a problem. If the wallet is stolen or found by someone who poses a risk, there is every chance that they could find your address and let themselves in. The same stands true for your car, and they could gain access to it without having to break in.

Think about the cards that were contained in your wallet that could allow someone to either steal your identity or take advantage of a membership that you own. You could find that you have your driver’s license in your wallet and that could give them access to your details or they could use your membership card and cause criminal damage to the premises

Should you ever find yourself in the position where you have lost your wallet, it is important that you act fast to reduce potential problems you could face.

Order replacement cards and make other arrangements

The majority of the content of your wallet will be made up of cards. Bank Cards, Credit Cards, Store Cards, membership cards, and identity cards. However, when you lose your wallet, you lose everything that was in there and that means that you need to look at arranging replacement cards to be sent out to you.

Therefore at this point, you need to try and make a list of every card that was in there. It is important to try and be as thorough as possible as this will enable you to contact everyone in one go. Otherwise, what you will find is that a few months down the line, you will go and try to use a service and realize that the card you need was in the wallet that you lost but you had no idea it was there.

So, once you have made the list, it is vital that you work your way through it in order of priority.

To begin with, if your wallet contained your house key, you should probably look to get the locks changed as soon as possible. A quick call to a locksmith will allow them to come and replace the locks that very same day.

Now you will probably want to phone your bank and ask them to send you out replacement cards as this will enable you to continue to spend and withdraw money. Then you should aim to contact your credit card provider and ask them to send out your new cards.

Next on the list is your identity cards. This could include your driver’s license, your social security cards and all other cards that relate to your identity. Some of these are vital such as a driver’s license as you might need that should you get stopped by the police but cards such as your social security card are not as important, although they are important in their own way.

The next thing to do is work through all the store cards, reward cards and membership cards that you had. This might require you to visit some stores and it might require you to call them up, whatever it might be, it is best that you do this as soon as possible so you can continue to make use of them.

Future-proof your wallet

While you can never stop your wallet from getting lost of form someone stealing it, what you can do is make life a lot easier for yourself. To begin with, you should think about what you need in our wallet and what can stay at home. Then you should think about whether you should keep your keys in there because keeping them separate really can make life easier for you. At this point, you should then consider keeping a list of everything that is in your wallet.

This should include everything from bank cards right through to those membership cards that you never use. Creating a list makes the process a lot more efficient and enables you to act fast. You could even include as many important phone numbers as possible on the list as this would then make it even easier for you.

When you lose a wallet it is never easy to put things back to how they were but if you organize yourself, you can limit the damage and allow yourself to act fast.

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