How To Wear A Wallet Chain

how to wear a wallet chain

Wallet chains are nothing new. A staple of the biker’s or rocker’s style, they’ve become popular back in the 50’s.

But their functionality goes beyond style. Their purpose is to secure your bifold or trifold wallet in place.

In fact, the wallet chain concept developed a long time ago, when bikers and rockers didn’t even exist. Today, it is associated with the biker’s culture and many rock subcultures, but the purpose of this accessory has been purely functional for quite some time.

While the wallet chain’s functionality is undeniable, wearing it can be more complicated than it looks.

If you are wondering how to wear a wallet chain so it looks stylish rather than functional, this article is for you. Read on to find out more about why to use it, how to wear it, and how to choose one.

Why Use A Wallet Chain ?

Wallet chains are accessories designed to pair with the biker wallets. The main difference between this wallets and the classic bifolds or trifolds is the presence of a special grommet that allows you to attach one end of the chain to the wallet without damaging the leather.

The other end attaches either to your belt loop, creating a simple yet effective system that secures the wallet to your pants.

This effective system was majorly adopted by bikers to prevent them from losing their belongings while riding a motorcycle.

If you’re not accustomed to classic back pocket wallets or riding a bike, you might wonder why in the world does anyone worry about this.

It’s true; in a world full of minimalist wallets that go into the front pocket, how can you lose the wallet?

The answer is simple. Bikers usually use back pocket wallets – either classic bifolds or trifolds. These wallets tend to fall out when you sit down.

That’s not an issue when you sit in a room; you can simply pick up the wallet off the floor if it falls. However, if you’re sitting on a motorcycle saddle, things are slightly different.

In this hypothesis, you can lose your wallet anywhere.

This is where the wallet chain steps in. It secures the wallet to the belt, so you can ride in all peace of mind. Even if the wallet slips out, you won’t lose it. It will just remain hanging over your feet, and you’ll surely notice it sooner or later.

As I already mentioned, beyond functionality wallet chains are also fashionable.

People identifying themselves with rock subcultures often wear a wallet chain even if they don’t really need one.

How To Wear A Wallet Chain?

A wallet chain is a fashion accessory worn by rock legends since immemorial times. Once you get used to carrying this extra weight at your hip and learn how to sport a wallet chain with dignity, you will enjoy your style and the vibe you emit. The badass look and jiggling sound will speak up about your confidence and strong personality. To achieve that, though, you must know how to wear a wallet chain properly. Check out the three simple steps below and get ready to rock.

  1. Attach one end of the chain to the wallet’s grommet. Make sure your bifold wallet has such a metal ring for chains, or you might damage the wallet. Most biker wallets come with grommets, so you should check this category even if you don’t have a motorcycle. Don’t be fooled by the staples. There are many biker wallet models that respect the lines, looks, and size of a classic bifold. Since the wallet chain has two hooks attached to both sides, use any hook to fasten the wallet.
  2. Pick the pocket in which you wish to hold the wallet, keeping in mind that it should be on the same side of the trousers as the loop for the chain. This will provide more convenient access to your bifold. Also, keeping your wallet and chain on the same side will prevent excessive chain tension and will also prevent it from getting tangled. Choose the side based on your dominant hand, as it will be easier to access your wallet when you need it.
  3. Depending on the type of belt you want to wear, attach the other clasp of the chain either to your belt loop or to one of the front loops on your trousers. If you really care about your style, I recommend investing in a special belt that comes with chain loops, as your look will seem whole. Attaching the chain to the pant’s loop might give the impression that you just wear the chain by mistake.

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How to Choose A Wallet Chain?

It’s easy to say biker wallet chain. The truth is that this term implies a multitude of styles, models, and designs. If you don’t know which one to choose, consider the factors below.

  • Length: Wallet chains come in various sizes, from short to long. When picking the right accessory for you, consider your body size rather than preference. If you’re a tall guy, you can totally rock a long, massive chain that highlights your imposing body. If you’re not very tall or skinnier, a shorter chain can be a more appropriate match. A mid-sized or shorter chain is also a great choice if you want this accessory more for its functionality than appearance. Indeed, a shorter chain will not draw unnecessary attention, whereas a massive one can make all heads turn.
  • Thickness: While choosing the desired thickness is purely personal, keep in mind that this size must also match the length. A short and thick chain can look well in some contexts, but it’s more likely it’ll just look ridiculous. Long and thin chains are considered elegant by some, but they would look out of place if you intend to pair them with an all-leather, biker outfit. The rule of thumb is to stick to an average thickness that goes well with all chain lengths and outfits. It is also essential to keep in mind that both length and thickness will ultimately affect the chain’s durability. Long and thin chains are the less durable, as they have a lot of links which are not very strong. At the other end of the spectrum are the short and thick chains, which have the fewer chances of getting deformed or break.
  • Material: When thinking of wallet chains, we’re tempted to imagine massive, chromed biker chains. However, this versatile accessory comes in a wealth of materials and styles. Perhaps the most common choice is stainless steel. This virtually unbreakable material also resists rust, and will look good forever, but it can be quite heavy. Silver is another popular, albeit expensive option. This noble metal demands respect and attention; it’s also sturdy and durable, and easy to clean should it turn darker. Brass wallet chains are an excellent alternative for those looking for a ligher and less expensive option. Brass can come in a variety of colors, but it’s not as durable as stainless steel or silver. Then, there are the designer wallet chains. These are not necessarily geared towards bikers or rockers, and can be made from a variety of materials including leather or paracord.

With this in mind, finding a wallet chain that suits your needs and style shouldn’t be hard. There are literally dozens of options out there, or you could make your own by repurposing an old chain. You can even make a wallet chain yourself, either from leather or other materials.

If you don’t have the skills, many brands give you the possibility to order a bespoke accessory.

Down to You

You now know how to wear a wallet chain. You also found out more about their styles and why you should use one. Now, it’s down to you.

What style would you choose?

What material do you like?

Share your thoughts in a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Your wallet just falls out of your back pocket? Seriously? This has literally never happened to me, and I bet it doesn’t really happen to other people either, and that’s not why wallet chains exist. It’s a theft deterrent. Somebody tries to pick your pocket, it’s not getting far.


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