10 Reasons You Need An RFID Wallet: Is RFID Blocking Necessary?

Why You Need An RFID Wallet

The digital age and the speed at which technology evolves has enabled us to achieve so much in this modern world. However, with this comes an array of risks and security concerns that relate to our data, money and even our personal information.

One of the latest technologies implemented on a wider scale is RFID technology. This is by no means a new technology, but only recently has it been introduced into our daily lives. It has been added to bank cards, driver’s licenses and passports and all of this contains information that is highly useful to criminals.

So, how do criminals get hold of this information?

Effectively, they are undertaking a new kind of theft which is known as electronic pick-pocketing and the worrying thing is that it is so simple to do. Despite the aforementioned items being carried in a wallet which is then stored in your pocket or in a bag, they are still at risk. The embedded RFID chips transmit information to compatible devices enabling people to make purchases or confirm their identity. When this activity takes place, the items do not have to be within close proximity of the device and this is where the risk lies.

Criminals are now obtaining RFID readers as a way of retrieving the information from these embedded chips within your bank cards and passports. This sensitive information can be stolen in just one swipe without you even knowing about it. They can then steal your identity or go on a wild spending spree, emptying your bank account at the same time.

So, before mass panic sets in, you have to understand that the chances of you being targeted are slim but, prevention is better than cure as they say and so, an RFID wallet could be your best prevention method. This blocks the signal when your cards and documents are stored in your wallet, preventing thieves from stealing your information.

Take a look at the ten reasons why you need an RFID wallet

1. Your cards are protected from magnetic waves

The information stored on the chips in your bank cards of passports hold vital information. Using RFID technology, a magnetic wave makes a contact-less read of this information, transmitting through magnetic waves. An RFID wallet is designed in such a way that it protects your cards from unwanted magnetic waves that belong to criminals. This will then prevent them from scanning your card and retrieving your personal information.

2. Your ID is protected

Identity theft is a big problem these days and in just a few moments, someone, somewhere could be pretending to be you. It is a worrying thought but it is happening. Your card and your passport both contain details about who you are, where you live, your national security numbers, bank details – you name it, it is all there waiting for skimmers to steal your identity.

They can become you and that means that they can apply for loans, make purchases and cause you all other kinds of problems that can be difficult to rectify after the criminal activity has taken place. Therefore, choosing to use an RFID blocking wallet will enable you to reduce the risk and prevent the possibility of having your details stolen.

3. Protects your credit card

Credit cards often come with a spending limit that runs into thousands and so, if someone manages to obtain your details, the damage they could cause could be quite significant. They can continue this spending until the limit runs out and your credit card company alert you to the problem, or when your bill drops through the door at the end of the month. An RFID blocking wallet will ensure that your credit card is protected from criminals, which means you get no nasty surprises.

4. They still consist of high-quality materials

Despite RFID blocking wallets having the job of protecting you from thieves, they are still made of extremely high-quality materials. For those of you who appreciate first-class leather, you can still have your perfect wallet with the only difference being that you no longer have to worry about the security of your details.

5. Smart Design

Often, products that are designed to protect you are hardly aesthetically pleasing. Wallets are a fashion accessory and are made to serve a very important purpose. Therefore, for those of you who appreciate well-designed goods will certainly appreciate an RFID blocking wallet. They bring together stunning design and a high level of protection when it comes to preventing thieves from stealing your information.

6. They are practical

Despite RFID wallets being made in a different way to your usual wallets, they are still extremely practical. They contain a protective material that prevents your details being sent through magnetic waves to criminals who are trying to steal your data or your money. However, they work and look the same as your standard wallet and that means they are similar in shape and size, meaning that you can slip it into your pocket in the same way you have always done.

7. They offer peace of mind

Why should you be worried about having your personal details stolen each time you leave the house with your wallet? We live in a world filled with enough worry but your wallet should not be one of those worries. An RFID blocking wallet will provide you with peace of mind because you have the confidence to carry your wallet knowing that criminals cannot access your details.

8. Protects your money

You work hard to earn a living, so why should someone be able to come along and take it from you in a matter of seconds? The RFID blocking wallet is there for you to rely on, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your money is well protected.

9. They have plenty of compartments

RFID blocking wallets are not just a security device. They work in the same way as other wallets and that means that they have enough compartments to store all of your cards.

10. They are not as expensive as you might think

Where theft prevention is involved, it often means that there is a significant increase in cost but that is not the case with an RFID blocking wallet.

They are made of clever design and style but that does not mean that you are penalized financially for wanting to protect your personal information and your money. The idea behind an RFID blocking wallet is to provide you with the ability to protect everything that is yours. In fact, there is a wide range of RFID blocking wallets available to suit all kinds of budgets, meaning that everyone can benefit from the protection that they offer.

Is RFID blocking necessary?

When you consider other aspects of your life your life that you protect then it is clear to see that RFID blocking is necessary. We protect our home and our cars but we never consider the value of what we carry around in our pockets.

When you think that we carry our bank cards and many other forms of identifications, it is as though we are carrying around our most important possessions.

However, we never really think about protecting this information but clearly, there is now a need for us to do so. If all it takes is an RFID blocking wallet, then everyone should consider one because stealing your information can take seconds, yet it can cause you a wide range of problems that could last for some time.

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