Neck Wallet vs. Money Belt: Which is More Convenient

Neck Wallet vs. Money Belt: Which is more Convenient

You’re going out of the country in few days, but you’re wondering which means to keep your cash, credit cards, jewelry, and other meaningful documents. For tourists looking to visit some countries but who don’t know much about the crime rate of your destination, it is essential to decide which between neck wallet vs. money belt is the best to keep your belongings.

Everybody owns their opinion on which way to keep their things. Some may love to use a neck wallet; some may decide to use a money belt and some way even choose to pack them into their bags.

Well, your convenience and safety matter a lot. Among others, this article will be focusing on two methods – the neck wallet vs. money belt.

What Are Money Belts?

Money belts, also known as waist wallets and travel belts, are usually small, containing different amount of pockets which can accommodate any valuable material. Basically, most money belts would have a pocket attached to a strap.

Some other results may be equipped with extra pockets to carry smartphones. All you have to do is carry it on your waist.

This may be ideal for those who don’t care to feel a strap on their waist. Often times, they are concealed under your clothes. Some designs of money belt come with adjustable straps to provide more comfort.

What Are Neck Wallets?

Wallets, on the other hand, are flat and small pouches. They are also used to store your valuables including money, credit cards, and other documents. Often times, they are usually made from clothing materials and leather.

They also come in different designs and colors. Wallets occur in different forms such as breast wallets, bifold wallets, trifold wallets, travel wallets, neck wallets, etc.

Neck wallets are just as similar to the money belt. They come with chains or straps, allowing you to hang your wallet around your neck. Other features of wallets have coin compartments. Neck wallets are surely going to be ideal for those who love neck chains.

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Neck Wallet vs. Money Belt


Although using any of the pouches are based on individual choice. Neck wallet, as the name suggests, allows you to carry your documents on your neck. There are lots of advantages, in the form of convenience, attributed to using both neck wallets and money belts.

Money belts, as established before, will be highly appreciated by who won’t find it annoying to have a strap around their waist. If you plan to purchase a waist wallet for yourself, you have to ensure that you select those adjustable straps.

You also have to consider those made from materials that won’t irritate your skin such as silk, which is soft, tough and can be washed. When out in a store, it may be quite clumsy and embarrassing to pull out your money from your money belts. You may have to visit the toilet or some other secluded places to do that.

Neck wallets, however, are very cool pouches that can be easily reached faster than the money belt. They are usually hung around the neck, as against the money belt which is used around the waist. They appear to have less contact with the skin than money bags. Hence, you should not worry about any skin irritation.

At the same time, you should not worry about the material type, but you should focus on its quality and strength, and maybe color scheme. The neck wallet might become annoying to carry around, especially if it contains heavy things.

While performing physical activities, it may dangle and hit you if it’s heavy, making you feel uncomfortable.


Obviously, if you carry your waist wallet around, uncovered and dangling on your waist, a characteristic behavior of a salesman, then you are calling more attention to yourself. To some people, you might appear as a fashion fanatic, boastful or a naïve tourist. Ideally, it is relatively safer to conceal it under your clothes.

Some modern waist wallets can be worn either on the front or back. It is relatively safer using money belts since they are commonly hidden underneath clothes, thus, hiding it from snatchers and thieves. Provided it is well concealed, you do not have to worry about any potential harassment. However, on some occasions, the pouch may appear due to the size of its content.

However, for neck wallets, the show off part is unavoidable. Although they are cheap, everybody can see your pouch, and they have the privilege to imagine what you have in it. It is more prone to snatching. Using the neck wallet might render you vulnerable to harassment and theft, and even worse in areas with a high crime rate.

One of the best ways to carry your neck wallet is by applying the “gun bolster” technique. This technique requires you to strap the neck wallet on your neck and under your arm. This way, it will be quite difficult to snatch it from you.

Unfortunately, it might look quite awkward, squeezing your ironed clothes. It might also appear awkward trying to reach your wallet if it gets stuck under your armpit. Another option is that you can use the neck wallet like a money belt, especially when you are sure that you are entering an area of a high crime rate.


Your choice is basically determined by your budget. If you are looking for something cheaper, the neck wallets get the upper hand. While the neck wallet offers more convenience, the money belt provides better safety.

The next determinant of people’s choice is if they won’t bulge feeling a strap around their neck or waist. The number of pockets, color and size may also influence people’s decision. However, it is important to know that there are other options asides these two pouches.

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