Difference Between A Front And Back Pocket Wallet? Which Would We Recommend?

Difference Between A Front And Back Pocket Wallet

It’s only when you go to buy a new wallet that you realize just how many different styles, shapes, colors and materials there actually are. Basically though, you can narrow them down to a front pocket wallet, and a back pocket wallet.

What’s The Difference?

The main difference is exactly what it sounds like – a front pocket wallet goes into your front pocket, and a back pocket wallet goes into your back pocket. Some people like a back pocket wallet, but overall we’d have to recommend a front pocket wallet.

Why Use A Front Pocket Wallet?

1. Back Pain

Sitting on a wallet in your back pocket can cause a large number of issues with your back. It causes an imbalance that can distort your pelvis and your hips. It can lead to sciatica, and degeneration of your joints. Even a small wallet in your back pocket can irritate your sciatic nerve and cause discomfort. You don’t need to be sitting on the wallet for long periods of time to feel these effect either. Chiropractors often see clients who have discomfort from sitting on their wallets during a 30 minute drive.

2. Reduces The Risk Of Pick-Pocketing

It’s so easy to be pick-pocketed in a crowded area, such as the subway, the airport or the bus station. It’s even easier for the pick-pocket to take items from your back pocket. If you keep your wallet in your front pocket, then you are much more likely to notice someone trying to reach in to grab it.

3. Comfort

As well as causing back issues, sitting on a wallet in your back pocket is just plain uncomfortable. A front pocket wallet means that you won’t need to constantly adjust how you’re sitting.

4. No Bulges

Back pocket wallets tend to be quite bulky, which means that your pocket will bulge. Front pocket wallets are much slimmer, so there’s no bulge. This means that your whole look is slim, and isn’t lopsided. Also, wallets in the back pocket can damage and destroy the pocket, causing rips and holes. Before you know it you won’t just need a new wallet, you’ll also need new jeans.

5. Longer Lasting Cards

Your credit cards, debit cards, and store cards will last much longer in a front pocket wallet than in a back pocket wallet. In a back pocket wallet, you’re sitting on the wallet, crushing your cards. This can scratch the electronic strip, leaving the card unreadable, and you’ll need to request a replacement. Cards in a front pocket wallet aren’t subjected to this amount of stress, so they last longer.

6. Declutter

Front pocket wallets are slimmer than most wallets, so there simply isn’t room to keep any unnecessary items. You will end up going through your receipts, expired cards, and unused coupons, and throwing away anything that you don’t need to keep with you. It gives you a great opportunity to declutter.

7. Organize

Once you’ve decluttered everything in your wallet, you can also organize it so you have everything you need in an easy access set up. You can organize your cards, so the most used cards are at the front, and make sure that your photographic ID is always accessible for whenever you need it.

8. Find Your Cards Quickly And Easily

A back pocket wallet can quickly become cluttered, leaving you unable to find the card, receipt or bill you need. This is almost guaranteed to happen at the most inopportune moment. A front pocket wallet is decluttered, and more organized, so you can find whatever you need in seconds.

9. Digital Money

As a society, we’re moving away from using cash to make purchases. Many of us use our cards when we’re shopping, and more and more of us are using mobile apps like Apple Pay, and Google Pay instead of our cards. This means that’s there’s becoming less reason to carry cash or cards, so we simply don’t need as much room in our wallet as we used to. Front pocket wallets are slimmer than other wallets, but can still carry everything you need.

10. Don’t Need To Remove Your Wallet

Some people who carry a wallet in their back pocket develop a habit of taking it out when they sit down. This means that you can end up misplacing your wallet, and in any case, it’s not good practice, especially when you’re out and about in crowded places. A front pocket wallet doesn’t need to be  removed when you sit sown.

11. It Looks Better

Back pocket wallets can look really good, but with use, they become battered, creased, torn and scuffed. A front pocket wallet doesn’t go through the same abuse, which means that it lasts longer, and looks much more elegant and stylish when you take it out of your pocket.

12. Less Risk Of Falling Out Of Your Pocket

If you carry your wallet in your back pocket, there is a very real risk of it slipping out, without you noticing. The front pocket of your pocket tends to be much tighter, and the wallet would sit in it at a different angle in your front pocket. This reduces the risk of the wallet falling out of your pocket, and makes it pretty much impossible for it to do so without you noticing.

13. Put More In Your Pocket

Keeping your keys in the same pocket as your phone can scratch your phone. Keeping your keys in the same pocket as your wallet can scratch your wallet. The answer is to keep your keys in one pocket, and your phone and wallet in the other, but most traditional wallets are bulky, cumbersome, and can’t fit into the same pocket as your phone. Front pocket wallets are slim, and can easily fit into the same pocket as your phone, keeping both your phone and your wallet safe from key scratches.

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  1. Thanks for clarifying the difference between front and back pocket wallets and more specifically which you recommend. It seems like a front pocket wallet is the more sensible and safe option even though potentially a little less comfortable.

  2. This article has to have the worst description of the difference between a front pocket in the back pocket wallet. Readers want to know the difference in regard to construction and appearance, not where they’re supposed to put it


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