About Us

At MyBestWallets we are wallet enthusiasts.

While that may sound a little strange, we feel that wallets are much more than simply a device for carrying your money and credit cards.

We believe that they allow you to make a statement about who you are and your personality. There are simply so many different types, shapes, sizes available when it comes to wallets that you can truly express yourself with them.

Why Did We Start MyBestWallets?

The intention behind starting MyBestWallets was really driven by the fact that we wanted to establish a comprehensive and objective resource that reviewed every single wallet on the market in a comprehensive manner.

This means that we try to physically purchase, evaluate, and test as many wallets as possible and give you our objective opinion or not.

Not only should this help you save a ton of time, it will also help you select the best wallet suited for your needs – or in case you want to buy it as a gift – for the needs of your loved ones.

We are constantly adding to our database or reviewed wallets to make it the most comprehensive database on the internet.

If there’s anything that you feel is missing that you’d like to see added – make sure you reach out to us on our contact page so that we can get it added.

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