Best Wallets for Men to Buy in 2020: Top Rated & Highest Quality Picks

Top Wallets in 2020

This guide covers the best wallets for men in a variety of styles and for all types of budgets and will help you select the right one for your needs.

We’ll show you which ones rate highly, and perhaps more importantly, which you should avoid so that you don’t waste your money.

The Highest Quality Wallets for Men To Hold That Valuable Cash

Our Pick!
Toughergun Genuine Leather Magnetic Front Pocket Money Clip Wallet RFID Blocking(Weaved Black Top Notch)
F&H; Minimalist Slim Leather Wallet Money Clip Holds 8 Cards
Vaultskin Chelsea Men Slim Leather Wallet, Black
Money Clip Wallet HOUSTON Mens Wallet RFID Blocking Wallet - Minimalist Mini Slim Wallets Bifold for Men with Gift
Toughergun Genuine Leather Magnetic Front Pocket Money Clip Wallet RFID Blocking(Weaved Black Top Notch)
F&H Minimalist Slim Leather Wallet Money Clip Holds 8 Cards
Vaultskin Chelsea Men Slim Leather Wallet, Black
Money Clip Wallet HOUSTON Mens Wallet RFID Blocking Wallet - Minimalist Mini Slim Wallets Bifold for Men with Gift
Our Pick!
Toughergun Genuine Leather Magnetic Front Pocket Money Clip Wallet RFID Blocking(Weaved Black Top Notch)
Toughergun Genuine Leather Magnetic Front Pocket Money Clip Wallet RFID Blocking(Weaved Black Top Notch)
F&H; Minimalist Slim Leather Wallet Money Clip Holds 8 Cards
F&H Minimalist Slim Leather Wallet Money Clip Holds 8 Cards
Vaultskin Chelsea Men Slim Leather Wallet, Black
Vaultskin Chelsea Men Slim Leather Wallet, Black
Money Clip Wallet HOUSTON Mens Wallet RFID Blocking Wallet - Minimalist Mini Slim Wallets Bifold for Men with Gift
Money Clip Wallet HOUSTON Mens Wallet RFID Blocking Wallet - Minimalist Mini Slim Wallets Bifold for Men with Gift

What Type and Material of Mens Wallets Are You Looking For?

There are literally thousands of different wallets for men to choose from. Which type or style are you looking for?

Click on one of the links below to find more detail on a specific style or material so that we can help you out with our reviews.

Types of Wallets

Wallet Materials

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Men’s Wallet

The world we live in evolves year after year and men become more and more interested in their image. Long has gone the time when being a man meant growing an un-groomed beard and wearing loose trousers and a tee.

We still grow beards, but groomed beards. We still wear trousers and tees, but fashionable ones that follow catwalk trends. Now, imagine getting a battered wallet out of your pocket while paying for her drink. Trust us; she’ll run off without turning heads.

So, gentlemen, it’s time to evolve with the world and find the best wallet to suit your spending needs.

Picking the Best Mens Wallet

Men wallets come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Pulling from such a bountiful range can often be confusing.

Unless you’re Karl Lagerfeld and know precisely which accessory goes with what outfit, your choice might fall over a traditional leather billfold.

But pondering the color of the leather and perhaps the number of pockets is hardly called “picking a wallet.” Here are a few essentials to consider.

Design & Style

All wallets serve the same purpose, but this doesn’t mean all can serve you well. A utilitarian tactical wallet is perfect for the sporty type but could look awkward if you’re more of a suit guy. Your favorite travel wallet can serve well in your expedition but could be too cumbersome for the city. The most popular wallet styles include:

  1. Billfold wallet
  2. Passport wallet
  3. Zip-around wallet
  4. Card holder wallet
  5. Hard case wallet


Leather is the most common wallet material but not your only choice. High-quality sports wallets made of fabric can serve you just as well. As odd as it may seem, an ABS wallet can make some head turns when you draw it out of your pocket.

Slim wallets made of machined aluminum are also a thing. Often featuring RFID protection, they are perfect for your cards and successfully replace a leather card holder.

Microfiber is another popular material to put your eyes on. Lightweight and malleable, this type of wallet can comfortably fit the smallest back pocket or a tiny backpack.


Ultimately, you must pick a good wallet that can serve your needs without transforming the object into a sort of black hole filled with nothings. Think minimalism and buy a wallet large enough to accommodate your essentials exclusively.

Your brand new holder must have sufficient pockets and compartments to hold your cash, bank cards, ID, and perhaps your Driver’s license.

It needn’t have space for your supermarket discount cards and coupons, nor for the last receipt got from the 7-Eleven down the streets when you bought booze two nights ago.

Who Makes the Best Men’s Wallets?

Not all wallets were created equal. Poor quality choices feel cheap and make you look cheap. Now, there is no need to madden about who makes the best wallets. Quality wallets come from many famous brands at pocket-friendly price points.

Here’s a list of the most popular brands:

  • Fossil
  • Magic
  • Calvin Klein
  • Ezgo
  • Mighty
  • Alpine Swiss
  • Tumi
  • Dockers
  • Kenneth Cole
  • Guess

Where to Get Men’s Wallets?

You now know who makes and how to pick the right wallet for you. But what’s the best place to buy a mens wallet?

The most obvious answer would be in a men’s accessories store. You can roam around shelves, see many models gathered in a single place, touch the materials and have a feel of the wallet you like. A store assistant will even give you tips and advice on the best maintenance practices.

An alternative to store shopping is online shopping, which comes with many advantages. You won’t get to touch the product, but you’ll be able to see a more extensive selection of men’s wallets from the comfort of your home.

Consumers also tend to share opinions about purchased items, and if the wallet you like is on the trend, you’ll even be able to check its quality. The remarkable thing is that the opinions read online are real, no shop assistant is trying to convince you to buy, and this means a more relaxed shopping experience.

Still wondering how to get your hands on the top wallets around? Check out our selection below.

Detailed Reviews Of Our The Best Wallets for Men

1. NapaWalli Genuine Leather Money Clip Wallet

NapaWalli sets standards for quality, practicality, and versatile built. Featuring four Rare Earth Magnets to hold your cash, the Genuine Leather Money Clip breathes pride and passion. The magnets are made from an alloy of rare elements developed as the most reliable type of magnets. You’ll never have to worry again about your money getting loose and potentially lost.

Unlike a traditional money clip, NapaWalli’s model features a host of extra pockets for bank cards and IDs, while the stylish detailed stitching and a full-grain carbon fiber design can satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

The more thoughtful type can choose from a selection of colors and patterns the one that best matches with his soul. Regarding the dimensions and capabilities, this wallet slides nicely in your front pocket thanks to its slim design and can hold up to 30 bills folded in half, three bank cards, and other essentials.

No doubt, the NapaWalli Money Clip is one of the best leather wallets for men in its class and perhaps the best wallet to buy.

  • Brand: NapaWalli
  • Material: Genuine leather
  • Size: 4 x 3 x 0.8 inches
  • Weight: 3.2oz


  • RFID blocking capability
  • Multiple colors and styles
  • Powerful Rare-Earth magnets
  • 1-year replacement guarantee


  • Tight card slots

2. Travando RIO Money Clip Wallet

The RIO Money Clip Wallet by Travando is one of the most stylish accessories a man can own. A slim design incorporates plenty of space for your essentials, including as many as seven card pockets and a convenient money clip. The billfold design makes it a top choice for the classic type while a selection of sober colors praised by the businessman will certainly draw your attention.

One of the most acclaimed features is the outside bank card pocket with a notch that allows you to push out your card quickly.

Designed in Germany, the Money Clip Wallet by Travando is perhaps the best wallet to buy if you’re after convenience and security. All interior pockets are protected from RFID theft while the minimalist design ensures the wallet can seamlessly fit into your pocket.

  • Brand: Travando
  • Size: 4.5 x 2.8 x 0.5 inches
  • Weight: 2.11oz


  • Elegant, European design
  • Integrated money clip
  • RFID blocking insulation
  • Easy-access front pocket


  • Money clip may scratch the cards
  • No ID pocket

3. F&H Minimalist Slim Leather Wallet

F&H Minimalist Slim Leather Wallet Money Clip Holds 8 Cards
1,164 Reviews
F&H; Minimalist Slim Leather Wallet Money Clip Holds 8 Cards
  • QUALITY LEATHER & CRAFTSMANSHIP: Our slim wallet is hand-crafted of genuine top-grain leather with removable brushed stainless steel money clip.
  • FUNCTIONAL, STYLISH & MINIMALIST SLIM PROFILE: Our money clip slim wallet for men holds 4-8 cards and up to 12 bills. Measures 4.25” x 2.75”...
  • 2-YEAR HASSLE FREE WARRANTY: Our Forrest and Harold slim wallets are covered by a 2-year warranty from purchased date and covers any manufacturer...
  • COMES IN STYLISH TWO-TONE COLOR DESIGN WITH CONTRAST STITCHING: Our slim money clip wallet comes in multiple color-combos to match your individual...
  • U.S.A. OWNED & OPERATED: Forrest and Harold is an American owned and operated brand.

From Forrest & Harold comes another candidate. Their signature Minimalist Slim Leather Wallet is designed with the busy city man in mind. Expect a compact accessory ready to slide in your pockets and get lost in their immensity. Comfort comes before anything, and this wallet excels at it.

You won’t get to pack all your belongings in this product, but you’ll get enough space for a credit card or two. A brushed steel money clip holds secure your currency and can be removed for a sleeker look. You’ll even get a convenient outside ID pocket that is easily accessible whenever needed.

This hand-crafted top-grain leather wallet comes with a year of warranty and appeals to the audience with an array of contemporary colors. No doubt, this is the hottest mens wallet out there.

  • Brand: Forrest & Harold
  • Material: Leather
  • Size: 4.25 x 2.75 inches


  • Hand-crafted in top-grain leather
  • Brushed steel money clip
  • Four card slots for up to 8 cards
  • Outside ID pocket
  • Classy gift box


  • Tight card pockets

4. Vaultskin Chelsea Slim Wallet

Vaultskin Chelsea Men Slim Leather Wallet, Black
4,318 Reviews
Vaultskin Chelsea Men Slim Leather Wallet, Black
  • REFINED & STYLISH — Designed in Britain to best combine elegance, comfort and convenience. Chelsea minimalist front pocket wallet is made of...
  • RFID BLOCKING — Our high-end RFID protector prevents electronic pickpocketing; your credit cards are protected from RFID theft (specifically 13.56...
  • FUNCTIONAL & SLIM — Chelsea's three pockets hold up to 10 cards: 1-2 in the front pocket, up to 5 in the inner RFID protected pocket and up to 3...
  • SMART STRAP — The thin smart strap allows you to quickly access your cards. The strap automatically retracts back into position when released.
  • GIFT for HIM — Vaultskin offers exceptional range of wallets for men. GREAT BIRTHDAY GIFT idea and comes beautifully packaged in a gift box.

The Chelsea Slim Wallet by Vaultskin is one of the best looking wallets on the market. Designed in the classy British style, this accessory breathes traditionalism and simplicity. It combines elegance, comfort, and convenience and it is made of luxurious top-grain genuine Italian leather. Robust stitches ensure durability and a sophisticated feel and look.

Chelsea is a functional wallet, although minimalist. Its slim design makes it perfect for every-day use; despite the compact dimensions, this wallet boasts three pockets which can accommodate up to 10 cards, included an RFID protected compartment.

A smart strap solves all accessibility issues, allowing you to get your cards out of the wallet in a breeze, while it automatically retracts back into its position when released, for a no-frills operation. Furthermore, an attractive gift box adds value to the Chelsea, making it an inspired choice for the next Office Santa party.

  • Brand: Vaultskin
  • Material: Genuine Italian leather
  • Size: 4.1 x 2.7 x 0.3 inches
  • Weight: 2.08oz


  • Selection of colors
  • Ultra-slim design
  • Made of genuine Italian leather


  • Not quite suitable for cash
  • The leather tends to stretch in time

5. Travando HOUSTON Money Clip Wallet

Money Clip Wallet HOUSTON Mens Wallet RFID Blocking Wallet - Minimalist Mini Slim Wallets Bifold for Men with Gift
38 Reviews
Money Clip Wallet HOUSTON Mens Wallet RFID Blocking Wallet - Minimalist Mini Slim Wallets Bifold for Men with Gift
  • âś… FUNCTIONAL & SLIM – Travando’s Wallet offers 5 card pockets: 1 easy-access front pocket and 4 inner pockets. The slim wallet is ideal for...
  • âś… RFID BLOCKING - Our RFID blocking insulation prevents electronic pickpocketing and identity theft; your credit cards in the inner pocket of the...
  • âś… INTEGRATED MONEY CLIP - The metal money clip allows you to clip several bills inside your wallet
  • âś… REFINED & STYLISH - Designed in Germany to best combine elegance, quality and convenience. Travando minimalist wallet is crafted with premium...
  • âś… SLIM DOWN YOUR POCKET – We kept the dimensions of our slim wallet to 4.13" in x 2.3" in x 0.4" in. It will fit in your pocket perfectly without...

The HOUSTON Money Clip Wallet is nothing but RIO’s smaller brother. Nonetheless, this is one of the best men’s wallets, following the distinctive design lines of Travando. This stylish accessory was also designed in Germany and combines the classic European elegance with the modern day functionalities.

Keep your cards protected with the RFID blocking technology and your currency safe with the stylish money clip. Considerable attention to detail and an assortment of colors make this wallet an inspired choice for the modern man looking for simplicity.

As for the capacity, you’ll get plenty of pockets. The Travando Wallet offers five card slots, including an easy-access pocket on the front. The functional billfold design keeps things simple when it comes to accessing your money, while the stylish gift box comes as a practical addition.

  • Brand: Travando
  • Size: 4.13 x 2.3 x 0.4 inches
  • Weight: 2.11oz


  • Easy-access front pocket with outside notch
  • Integrated money clip
  • RFID blocking insulation
  • Compact dimensions
  • Featherweight


  • Bulkier than most slim models
  • Tight card slots

Top Rated Mens Wallets by Type

Finding best men’s wallet is much more complex than it seems. There is the quality of materials, the built, the functionality, and an array of other features to consider before deciding upon a model. That is unless you’re happy with getting an accessory that does nothing but adding bulk to your pockets.

There is a host of wallets out there, and the vast selection makes things even more confusing. Which model is the best?

Among the top rated men’s wallets, the minimalist models start to gain popularity. They are practical for every-day use and compact enough to fit in the tiniest pockets.

Specialty wallets include tactical and sports accessories which incorporate sophisticated functional elements. These wallets are perfect for the outdoorsy guy who loves to spend days in the wild with nothing but his backpack.

The urban-chic man can also choose from a selection of good quality wallets. The EDC wallets are perhaps the most exceptional example of accessories for this type of men.

Then, there are many other wallet types appealing to the tech-savvy men or to the rocker type. Below, a detailed list of your best choices.

Slim Wallet

The slim wallet is perhaps the most popular of them all. Often rated among the top 10 men’s wallets, the slim style appeals to urban men but also to the office type always wearing his tie and suit. But despite their functionality and convenience, slim wallets have only started to be a thing recently.

Designers draw them in multiple styles and sizes and in fact, you’ll notice that this category incorporates many of the other styles below.

But what makes the slim wallet the best? Well, it’s all about practicality. Slim wallets are usually made of leather or other sophisticated materials and are developed to hold your essentials strictly. You won’t get unnecessary bulk with one of these beauties, but you’ll just have to live with the fact that you won’t be able to store your barbershop’s discount card in this accessory.

In terms of design, slim wallets are ultra-compact and ultra-thin, a perfect solution if you need to store it in your front pocket or small city bag. This wallet is ideal for daily use, making it easy for you to access your money, cards, or ID.

In terms of style, there are multiple options to choose from. Classic bifolds are preferred by those who’re looking for reliable minimalism, but you can also select from money clip models and zipper wallets.

Regarding practicality, these slim wallets will give you fewer headaches on a daily basis. They contain everything needed, are easy to access, and fit perfectly in your backpack. You’ll be able to sit without employing awkward positions, and you’ll even keep your belongings safer, as slim wallets rarely attract thieves.

Minimalist Wallet

Minimalist Wallet

The minimalist wallet also stands among the top wallets for men. Compact yet functional, the minimalist wallet is different than the slim model above in that it doesn’t have to be slim. Nonetheless, most models are.

Minimalist wallets are also characterized by a very minimal number of pockets and compartments. These accessories are similar to the card holders, but they could have an extra-pocket for your cash. Accessibility isn’t their strongest point, but you can roam around in crowded areas without anyone noticing you’re carrying a wallet at all.

Minimalist wallets can have a classic design in top quality leather or come in an array of different styles.

Utilitarian, minimalist wallets are perhaps the most versatile. Usually made of canvas and plastic, they are designed to withstand the test of time. As such, the minimalist wallet is perfect for the outdoorsy type looking for the perfect accessories where to keep small essentials organized.

Front Pocket Wallet

Front pocket wallets are slim but not tiny. And they are without a doubt the most popular mens wallet especially among those looking for every-day convenience.

If you’ve been used to keeping the wallet in your back pocket since you were a lad, you’re perhaps wondering why in the name of God should you invest in a front pocket one. After all, you can just slip the same wallet in whatever pocket you want, isn’t it?

Sorry to disappoint you, but it isn’t! Front pockets are different than the back ones. They are narrower and smaller overall. Keeping a bulky item in your front pocket will not only be uncomfortable when you sit. It will look awkward and cause discomfort even when you walk.

That’s why investing in a good wallet explicitly designed for your front pocket could be a better idea than holding on to your old-school billfold.

The distinctive traits of a front pocket wallet are related to its design. It looks almost womanly, with its sleek lines and rounded corners thought for an easy in and out. However, this isn’t the tiniest wallet out there. It’s roomy enough to hold your credit cards, ID, cash, and even something extra. Perhaps your barbershop’s discount card will fit in here.

Regarding choice, front pocket wallets are made of a multitude of materials varying from high-quality leather to canvas and everything in-between. Colors and styles also vary, in case you want to match the wallet with your personality. Perhaps not as versatile as their back pocket counterparts, these wallets still talk about class and functionality.

Metal Wallet

The metal wallet is the perfect companion of those looking to travel light. It has a slim design and sleek lines that can easily slide in and out of your pocket. At first glance, it seems more like a gadget than like a wallet, considering the traditional design of their leather counterparts.

These are the nicest wallets you can come across, designed for quick access and portability. This no-frills, no-fuss accessory eliminates bulk and protects your essentials in a way no other wallet can.

Even those designed in the minimalist style feature at least one case plate with elastic strap for security and easy access. Undoubtedly, the metal wallet is lightweight and compact, perfect for carrying around all day or for protecting your belongings in the wilderness.

Usually constructed in titanium or aluminum, the metal wallet also shines in terms of safekeeping and durability. Most models are insulated with RFID materials to keep your sensitive data protected. Those two materials employed in RFID screening are also renowned for their strength. So, if you’re somewhat clumsy and known in your circle for always dropping things, a suitable metal wallet could be the way to go.

Chain Wallet

Associated for years with the bad guys, the chain wallet may be the perfect accessory for those looking to distinguish from the masses. Aggressive lines, the best leather, and a thinner or thicker chain can make head turns when you hit the road.

Pair your beautiful chain wallet with a pair of skinny jeans, a biker’s shirt and maybe your chopper’s symbols to show off your personality and style.

Chain wallets are often preferred by the Harley Davidson’s fans; are bulkier than average but rugged and heavy duty. They’ll store quite everything you need, from credit cards to cash, to a spare set of keys for your front door.

Black leather is almost a must. But on the bright side, the chain wallet transmits a clear message, telling everyone around they’d better steer clear. Secure an end of the chain to your belt, and nobody will have the guts to touch your belongings.

RFID Wallet

Modern-day thieves need nothing more than a cheap device and to walk past you in the crowds to steal your identity. RFID wallets were born to prevent modern burglary. Ideal for the salesman or businessman walking 24/7 with a card in his pocket, the RFID wallets are designed to mess with the device above.

Lined with aluminum or titanium materials, the RFID wallets are proven to either repel or render ineffective the incoming of the RFID signals, keeping your sensitive data safe and sound.

RFID insulation is now used on a vast range of accessories, and there are many reasons why you should invest in such a wallet.

Undoubtedly, the RFID wallet is the best wallet for a man, offering, above all, money and credit card protection. The accessory comes equipped with a so-called Faraday cage that blocks transmissions between RFID devices and your bank cards.

But there is more in this wallets than just protection. They are usually made of high-quality leather or other top-notch materials that add resistance, durability, and style to the item. Maintenance is minimal, and you’ll be able to use this accessory for a long time.

In terms of design, the RFID wallet is simple yet elegant. Models vary from slim card holders to full-size accessories spacious enough to hold multiple cards and other essentials.

But what impresses the most is the price point of this wallet. Obviously, the quality of the materials and the brand will dictate the trends, but in broad lines, an RFID wallet is affordable. You won’t have to shed off hefty amounts of savings to get your hands on one of these beauties.

Leather Wallet

Leather Wallet

A timeless classic, the leather wallet talks about style. Your presence will certainly be noticed when you pull out such beauty from your pocket to pay for the bill. When choosing the best leather wallet for men, there are a few things to consider though.

The most important feature is the design and build. If you’re aiming for utmost quality, you’ll have to mainly stick with two choices, cow leather or alligator skin.

Cow leather is employed in the making of most leather wallets; it is affordable, resistant, durable, and timeless in terms of style. But as the quality of cow leathers vary widely, not all cow leather wallets live up to the expectations. Some of them are sleeker than the others, and the highest quality leather wallets are made of calfskin, which provides a more luxurious feel.

Alligator skin quickly distinguishes itself thanks to its pattern. It is a luxurious wallet perfect for the opulent type. Yet, even if no one doubts the craftsmanship that stands behind a handmade alligator skin wallet, its price point is often prohibitive.

Materials apart, there are a few things each gentleman should know when choosing a leather wallet.

First, you should know that the top leather wallets for men don’t feature any zippers or other types of closures. Those are reserved for the women, and your leather wallet should only transmit simplicity and class.

While leather wallets come in all shapes and colors, the only acceptable model for a gentleman is the traditional billfold wallet. As for the colors, stick to the black or brown. Now, we’re not saying you can’t buy a bright red leather wallet with green zippers, but don’t expect it to talk about your class.

Another thing to pay attention to is the logos. Most brands emboss their logo or brand name on the goods, but it should be discreet enough to let the wallet shine without distracting. Because when choosing a leather wallet, everything should be focused on elegance.

Trifold Wallet

A trifold wallet is perhaps your best bet if you want to combine elegance with practicality. Boasting a simple yet functional design, this wallet can hold many essentials and is designed with the salesman in mind.

The construction is simple and very similar to a billfold model. The wallet folds in half, but instead of having pockets only on the two folded halves, it also has a third panel inserted in the middle that finishes with a long slip pocket at the back.

Although the size of the trifold wallet is very similar to the size of a bifold model, this wallet is much bulkier, thus unsuitable to keep in your front pocket.

Nevertheless, the trifold wallet comes with a clear advantage – extra storage space for your cards, ID, and other essentials. These wallets usually have a large area designed to hold currency and at least six credit card slots, slots for your ID and pockets where to store the change or other small items.

Regarding the materials, trifold wallets can be made of leather, canvas, or synthetic leather; some have zipper or Velcro closures while others stay true to the original bifold design.

Zipper Wallet

Whether you’re the outdoorsy type looking for a reliable wallet to take on your adventures or you just like to carry the change around the town, a zipper wallet could be the right one for you. Made of quality materials and keeping your belongings safe, a zipper wallet is more of a small handbag that won’t go into your front pocket and will add considerable bulk to your back pocket.

But this item is perfect for travel and finds its place in a stylish men’s bag or sling backpack.

There are dozens of models and colors to choose from. Most zipper wallets are made of leather, but canvas is another popular choice.

Boasting a generous interior, this accessory is perfect if you like to have your stuff near you at all times. The wallet can accommodate cards, money, tactical instruments, and an array of useful objects the utilitarian in you could need.

Long Wallet

Long Wallet

A long wallet may look feminine at first glance, but many brands propose long wallets for men due to the item’s versatility. This isn’t your average wallet. It’s a massive thing that won’t go in your pocket, and that will take up quite some space in your bag.

But the long wallet comes with undeniable advantages. It can hold everything needed for you and your business, from credit and business cards to cash, a pen, and even a small agenda.

The design of a long wallet for men is very similar to the women’s style, and it is often hard to tell between the two. Most long wallets are equipped with zippers and are made of either leather or canvas. A generous interior boasts multiple card slots, pockets, and compartments.

These wallets are perfect for the businessmen always on the go, for the salesmen, and even for the students who need to carry more than just a few cards.

EDC (Every Day Carry) Wallet

A wallet is an essential item in a prepper survival kit. But finding the best mens wallet to go with all your other EDC instruments is often a hassle. Unless you’re choosing a specific Every Day Carry wallet.

The EDC wallet is unlike all others. It boasts a minimalist design and is easy to carry  – just what you’d need from something build for survival – but it’s still spacious enough to accommodate all you could need in the event of a zombie apocalypse or other calamities of gigantic proportions.

EDC wallets boast a robust construction made of two panels of either sheet metal or hardwearing plastic, usually held together by elastic. Aluminum or titanium inserts provide RFID protection, and the wallet is ready to accommodate an array of survival accessories apart from your bank cards.

Lightweight prepping wallets can also be made of carbon fiber, a material that is featherweight yet extremely resistant.

Most EDC wallets can accommodate up to 12 cards, cash, small tools, and even tiny flashlights or a set of spare keys. Some models also have additional compartments for wallet-sized knives – all you could need in a wallet designed to survive the harshest times with you.

Tactical Wallet

A tactical wallet is more than a wallet; it’s a piece of equipment designed to pack tactical activity essentials in a compact and convenient solution. This accessory still holds your cards and money like any other wallet but comes with an array of optional functions.

Each inch of a tactical wallet serves a purpose. And it all goes beyond aesthetics, although the looks are also important.

These accessories come with blades and wallet knives, bottle openers and various tools, all of which are part of the design. Compact and minimalist, they are perfect to slide in a pocket and to use either when camping alone with nothing but your backpack or when shopping in a busy superstore.

Ideal for combat and military purposes, these wallets are made of sturdy material that seamlessly withstands the test of time. Popular choices include heavy-duty canvas, vinyl, and refined leather. Designed to withstand the harshest conditions, these wallets are also waterproof.

Able to hold multiple cards and money, and incorporating up to 12 tactical tools, these wallets find their place in an adventurer’s or hunter’s pocket.

Biker Wallet

Biker Wallet

A rider who respects himself needs a good quality mens wallet. Here, it’s not about the type; it’s about the style.

Everything matters, from the choice of materials to colors and decorations. The wallet must reflect your personality.

For practicality, most biker wallets are made of top quality leather, be it cow leather, alligator skin, or even snakeskin. These wallets are renowned for their resistance and durability; they can remain waterproof and pair beautifully with your leather rider’s suite.

Plain black wallets, perhaps embellished with a chain, are a rider’s trademark. But not all riders like plain leather.

If you’re aiming for a more customized choice, wallets reflecting biker’s fashion like skulls, roses, and other heavy metal designs can certainly talk about your personality.

Biker wallets come in multiple shapes and sizes, and you can choose from traditional bifold models, wallets with money clip, trifold, and the list could go on and on. But what ultimately defines a great biker wallet is your style and personality.

Your outfit will probably have enough pockets to accommodate all-size wallets, so pick one that complies with your lifestyle. Do you like to fold money in half? Get a big wallet or one with money clip. Do you like to travel light? A small, perhaps chained, wallet could be a more appropriate choice.

Velcro Wallet

Velcro wallets are subject of debate between the urban type looking for utmost fashion and the practical kind looking for convenience. There is a solid reason behind this, as Velcro wallets have been for long just plain ugly.

But in the latest years Velcro wallets have known a real revival and now stand among the best durable wallets.

Usually made of canvas or soft leather, Velcro wallets have a trifold design which is secured with a Velcro strap. Lightweight and practical, they are typically large enough to hold cash, several cards, your ID, and other items you might want to carry around.

Their slim and flexible design makes them perfect for the sporty type who’s always on a bike or scooter.

Cheap Wallet

A wallet is a statement to a man. Therefore, it needs to be a careful choice. Going by your needs you can get one that works well for you for a reasonable price. There are several cheap wallets to be found on sale for the man on a budget. Just as long as your belongings are safe in it and you have everything you need all in one place.  Including cash, credit cards, and your driver’s license.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on such an accessory you can safely settle for a cheap wallet anytime.  There’s a wide range for you to choose from, including different styles that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

The good thing about settling for a cheap wallet is that you’ll have some change to put in it when you’re done buying one. As long as the wallet has several compartments to take in the documents you want to take around with you, it will do.

Owning such a wallet need not be an expensive affair. As long as its functional and comes with style, this accessory will fit any pocket. Among the items you take in your pocket each day a cheap wallet is most essential for you

A good bargain will afford you comfort while carrying your stuff around. It definitely comes useful when you just need somewhere to have all that you need in safekeeping. Talk of convenience and style, all in one place. And at a price that does not make you shed a tear.

Go on, scout around for a cheap wallet to fit your pocket. You’ll be amazed how many of them fit the bill.

Hard-Case Wallet

For the man who is keen to keep his documents crisp without a fold, the hard-case wallet is ideal. No fear your cards and cash will emerge with unnecessary folds especially if the style is your thing. For the man who likes to appear well organized by the way he presents himself a hard-case wallet is the one to go for.

The benefit of owning a hard-case wallet is you need not worry about messing your credit cards should you slump into a seat. They’ll remain intact despite the pressure, which is the function of a hard-case wallet. If you are the kind of man who likes to have uninterrupted fun, you’ll be happy to know your documents are safe while you indulge.

There are different colors to choose from going by your taste. You can opt to get different colors to match your wardrobe if fashion is your thing. The girls will no doubt notice it, making the item one that endears you to them.

Should your wallet land on a not so pleasant place, your hard-case wallet can easily withstand damage and keeps your belonging safe. If you like to feel your wallet in place buying a hard case wallet reassures you of the safety of your documents.

Due to the nature of credit cards, you do not want any interference with the chip. The only way to ensure this is to store them in a hard-case wallet to help put your mind to rest. Get to enjoy your day knowing well your valuables are in safekeeping in a Hard-case wallet inside your pocket.

Take a pick from the variety that’s available in a store close to you or you can shop for one online.

Bifold Wallet

There are various bifold wallets for you to choose from. Probably of the classic kind since they’ve been around from way back. The simple design that allows you to get your cards with only a flap in place. No wonder it is quite popular among the menfolk.

One fine feature of the bifold wallet is its thin structure. Your pockets will not budge carrying one, and there’s no need for you to check your pockets when you need to sit down. There you have it, simple, good looking and quite comfortable to take in your pocket.

For the conventional man who likes to maintain the original feel of a wallet in his grip, the bifold wallet is the one to go for. It provides a view of all your cards, and you do not have to keep guessing which one to pick when the time comes for use.

For the man for whom simplicity combined with convenience is the thing, he looks for in a wallet a bifold wallet is your pick. Merely insert all your cards in the pockets that line the inside of it and then press back the flap.

You probably saw it before and the fact its been around a while serves to prove how popular the bifold wallet really is. Plus the added feel of confidence when you can do a quick check of what it contains inside.

Take a pick of the colors available and then go on and arrange your cards in a bifold wallet after that. You can opt for a pure leather one or one made of other material depending on your taste.

Passport Wallet

If you need to know your passport is well protected as well as other documents you are taking on your travels the passport wallet is the one for you. It is a useful tool to protect and organize the essential travel documents you need to take with you on your trip.

Your bits and pieces are in safekeeping with a passport wallet from the choice that’s available in the market. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing you do not have to seem like an amateur anytime you need to fetch a document.

As you make travel plans this year be sure to have in your budget purchase of a passport wallet to help make the journey better. You’ll be happy you did as you have nothing to worry about the safety of your documents as you jet around the globe.

From the wide variety that’s available for you to choose from you’ll be able to make a suitable choice of the passport wallet to suit your style. Go on, scout the sale pages for available ones then go ahead and check one out before you go.

The fact you can put other travel documents in your passport wallet makes it a good option for you. Rather than take a different wallet for cash and other essentials, the passport wallet takes the role of multiple storage of essentials.

Order for one after you take your pick and then sit back and enjoy the journey. Your mind will be settled knowing you have a wallet that doubles up as storage for all your needs. Can’t think of a better choice for the man who is continually jetting around and even for the one on a first time trip to someplace.

Final Pick On The Top Rated Wallet for Guys

Picking a wallet is like pulling a garment or an accessory. It’s personal.

However, today I’ve given you some good options when it comes to your search for the best wallets for men. There are few objective criteria to consider when choosing a great wallet in 2020, and those are the built, quality of the material, durability, and practicality.

Comparing our top choices, the NapaWalli Genuine Leather Money Clip wallet stands out. It features a money clip with 4 Rare Earth Magnets designed to hold your assets securely. Convenient to carry due to its compact dimensions but with multiple pockets and slots for cards and essentials, this wallet is also versatile.

An attractive design will ensure people will turn heads when you get this beauty out of your pocket. Coming in multiple styles and colors, the NapaWalli wallet is perfect for the urban type who wants to mix the classic lines with all modern convenience.